May 18, 2010

Spanning the Globe to Bring You the Constant Variety of Posts

When I watch the news, I often leave with the feeling, "Now, how do I find out what really happened?" How do I pierce the double veil of agenda and entertainment?
- Steven of Momentary Taste

It's said that one knows an institution is in decline when its occupants have to be competent; conversely it's another quality of "true liturgy" that it works - it "tells the story" - even when it ought not to work.
- blogger at the Undercroft

At one of our parties in April, I went out to jump on the trampoline after eating too much cake. I didn't mean to make a sly disappearance, and surely, anyone who looked out my kitchen window would know where I was...This is, of course, a double standard, because my husband vacates the party all the time: "Oh, your family's coming over? I'd better get some work done in the shop." And not long ago, at my parents' house, my Dad was seemingly overwhelmed by a need to take up the roto-tiller: "see tiller, must till" even if it's dinner time on Easter Sunday.
- Betty Duffy

My own personal mother... always scoffed at Mother’s Day, claiming that it was all just a means to assuage guilt for ignoring mothers the rest of the 364 days of the year. I’ve pretty much followed in her footsteps. I’m not much of a holiday person anyway, since to me holiday=more work, and I always stand resolutely against anything that =more work, even if the holiday is ostensibly in my honor. - Amy Welborn

while in college I forced myself through at least part of The Prelude and didn't much enjoy it. But truth to tell, college courses are largely designed to enforce dislike of the subject matter--you have to read a hundred books in a semester and none of them are given the time that they are really worth. A whole semester could be devoted to a careful and proper reading of Wordsworth's poem--and probably should have been. To have it thrown in among a hundred other poems scarcely does the work justice. In defense of the poor teachers, though, one needs to provide a broad sense of things before diving in deep and so this is a necessary risk in our reading. - Steven of Mementary Taste

Just doing my part to increase your available money for almsgiving, one bra at a time. - Roz on Darwin Catholic offering ways to cut costs on women's undergrarments

I'm a regular at daily Mass; I've been joined all the May devotions to Mary; I go to Confession regularly; I kiss crucifixes and the feet of statues; I'm nurturing a deep devotion to Mary Mediatrix of All Grace; and I've almost memorised a long Seven Sorrows and Joys of St. Joseph Novena that my parish prays every Wednesday. My intellectual faculties may be on strike, but my feet know where to go every 6:00 PM, my mouth remembers all the formula prayers it needs, my fingers thrill at the feel of rosary beads, and even my hair behaves under my mantilla. There were times over the past seven years when I felt so thoroughly convinced by the Truth that I should have been doing all these things, but didn't do any of them. I am stunned to see that now that my spirit has become weak, my flesh has become totally willing. It feels right. Do you know the prayer, "Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief"? It applies perfectly, but I prefer the intensity of St. Philip's plea, "Lord, show us the Father and that is enough!" and Jesus' reassuring answer that anyone who has seen the Son, has seen the Father . . . though the catch is that I don't know if I have ever truly seen the Son. - Sancta Sanctis

You're asking the best questions: "the catch is that I don't know if I have ever truly seen the Son." Only Christ is enough but we have to look for him where he is working: in the Church and in daily life... 99.9% is Christ who makes himself present, .1% is recognizing him and responding. - Frederick of "Deep Furrows" responding to Sancta Sanctis


Fred said...

you know, I still read your posts in my reader all the time even though I've become mostly a lurker!

TS said...

It's all good Fred, I don't even check SiteMeter anymore. Have pretty much gotten beyond the vanity stage of blogging. :-)

Roz said...

I can tell I need to post edifying things more if you're even going to quote stuff like this in "Spanning the Globe"! Not that I'm not pleased.

TS said...

Come to think of it, I should've quoted your comment about the Divine Mercy chaplet!