May 28, 2010

Various & Sundry

Here's my Yogi Berra impersonation for the day:
90% of belief is believing.
You heard it here first!

Proof of God's sense of humor: Jesus lists, in Mark 10, the things that the believer can expect more of than what he gives up - including houses, family, land, and... persecution.

The air is scented with a bouquet of rain on a overcast night as I look upon the buff-colored stones of the patio. They differ pleasingly in size and shape and abut white flowers tinged with pink and stamen'd in yellow.

I like National Review's covers, especially this month's "Visit Beautiful Arizona". The shelf-life of magazines are such that these days if I don't read them in the day or two I receive them I likely won't read them at all. They spoil faster than milk, are more perishable than undercooked sushi. So a good cover draws me in and I read a review of the new biography of Limbaugh and react consumeristically, as Pavlovian as a young woman over an attractive pair of shoes.

Yesterday's three-mile run in the heat followed by a weight workout prompted thoughts from long-ago, as if the shot of adrenalized exhaustion recalls moments of youth when exhaustion was familiar if quite temporary. Unbidden a song rises:

...a grasshopper stepped on an elephant's toe,
The elephant said, with tears in his eyes,
"Pick on somebody your own size!"

Sat on a back patio enlivened by sun and shade and a myriad of flowery glories which hang in baskets from the limbs of an old warhorse, the old pine whose inner dead branches faintly resemble the tusks of mastodons.

In the tree'd middle distance I spy a blue spruce amid the burning bushes and Norway pines. A fine collection of varied plants that feels so much less sterile than the single species of trees.

The new Dominican priest at the downtown parish is a real eager beaver - how many priests who tell us that he has a sign-up sheet in the back of church where you can put your email address and he'll send you Pope Paul VI's apostolic talk on necessity of Christian joy?

I was surprised to find that an admirer started a Facebook Appreciation page for him. It tells us his good deeds, like driving hours to Cleveland for a Habitat for Humanity gathering and getting home after 1am despite having 7am Mass the next day. I got tired just thinking about it.

In his homily he said how Catholics are so often portrayed as "guilt-ridden" and he said that's not the way it's supposed to be. He said that Catholics are not "guilt-ridden" but "mercy addicts", that we line up in long lines at the Confessional because we are seek the sacrament of God's forgiveness and mercy.

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