May 26, 2010

Who Doesn't Love St. Philip Neri?

I've lately been wanting to read a Russell Kirk biography. Why? Because I long for a replacement hero now that William F. Buckley has fallen in my eyes after reading his son's painful expose.

Oh I know, saints are our heroes, after Christ, but often we need a model of a model, if you catch my drift. Or a model of a model of a model. For greater accessibility you know.

I seem to take it as a knock on Buckley's piety that he suffered at the end without the peace that transcends all understanding, nevermind that I continually fall into the same trap.

Today, in the Word Among Us, I read a quote from St. Philip Neri:
"Sympathy with those who have fallen is the best way of not falling yourself."
Suggesting that rather than throw WFB overboard, I should pray for him and have greater sympathy for him and the trial at the end of his life.


William Luse said...

What's the title of the son's expose?

TS said...

It's called "Losing Mum & Pup".