June 04, 2010

Columbus Art Festival

Strolled through the Columbus Art festival and came across the photography of Daniel Powers. He looks like a photographer, keen of eye with the obligatory two-day stubble. Naturally I liked the images of Ireland, such as this pub:

Irish pub


From his artist biography:
The great cities and countrysides are bathed in rain, fog, mist and twilight. Solitary figures walk through empty streets and parks absorbed in thoughts not meant for us. The intimacy of these photographs takes familiar scenes and transforms them into an emotional landscape. A place to linger and enjoy the peace of a rainy day. It is the romance of solitude and the romance of melancholy.

Photography is defined as a record made with light. Whether exposing the image or printing the image, photographers work with and manipulate light. Once an image is taken into Photoshop the artist is no longer working with light and has entered a new medium.
Maybe that's why Dylan of "Dark October" likes the rainy-ish days.

Another artist that caught my eye is named Kana Handel. Not sure if I'm supposed to be posting these pictures and paintings so let's just keep it between us. I won't tell if'n you don't.

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