June 16, 2010

A Few More Cellphone Pics...

...from OSU & vicinity:

It’s twenty minutes from work up to the aerie on Clingman’s Dome, aka the OSU library. It being early summer, I thought I’d have the pick of carol-rooms, but there are still kids here and only about 3-4 spaces available. I take one looking either east or north; my familiarity with this college landscape is limited at best. I have a fine view of “Orton Hears a Who” hall and, farther to the left sunbathers loll about and I consider again the lure of lust and why it is we long for things that can’t satisfy. Is the solution merely to recognize the lesser things for what they are?

George Will said a fascinating thing. He said that cheaters in sports don’t understand sports. They may be technically excellent at them but they don’t realize that fundamentally sports is about character. Developing or displaying it. And to cheat is to miss that whole purpose. It puts into a larger framework the reason using steroids in baseball is wrong. For the sake of argument what if it were not wrong in and of itself - it’s still wrong because it misses the purpose of the activity, much as sex loses its meaning when separated from procreation. In both cases it’s: “look at the bigger picture.”

Meanwhile I hear the appreciative sighs of those touring the place: “This is nice…”. Indeed. It makes me slightly less squeamish for the trouble I went to get here. They gather at stray windows eating up the view. One is an old codger, an octagenerian. The young guy points out landmarks. “You can see the Schott…”.

The only thing missing is a hot cup of coffee and maybe a fine cigar. That would complete the gentleman’s drawing room image I have of this place.

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