June 02, 2010

Spanning the Globe to Bring You the Constant Variety of Posts

[William] Wordsworth argues that the pliable mind, the mind absorbing knowledge must be encouraged to look far beyond, to works that exceed the possibilities of the person and the time--at least seemingly.--"works which the enthusiast would perform with love." - Steven of "Momentary Taste"

Previously read Georgette Heyer novels are probably the best sort of books to read after surgery. They are light and undemanding, -- essential qualities for a book intended to distract one from pain and nausea. (Note to self: No fear of ever becoming a drug addict -- everything seems to make me throw up.) Netflix is wonderful resource for light and cheerful movies, and since my new laptop can use their instant play feature, there's no waiting for the US Postal Service to deliver the next disc. - blogger at Catholic Bibliophagist

This book was a life-changer. After reading it I began to notice for the first time the “Britishness” in my own life and the lives of my neighbors. Even the barbarians among us still know how to wait in line patiently, for example. They still unknowingly quote Shakespeare, the King James Version of the Bible, and the Book of Common Prayer in their everyday speech. Most Americans still have a fundamentally British understanding of law and order, of fair-dealing in commerce, and of civility in public life, however diminished by ignorance and neglect. - Jeff of Stoney Creek Digest on Russell Kirk’s “America’s British Culture"

What’s especially nice is that the proprietress of Battlebeads.com prays for each person who buys a rosary or chaplet in particular; she touches each set of beads to a first-class relic, making it a third-class relic; and asks you to pray for her ministry and include her your intentions. - Domenico Bettinelli of Bettnet

To say that Hitchens is stirred – even obsessed – by the question of courage would be to state the obvious. It seems therefore highly likely that his longing for the great Orwellian test – the momentous moral challenge to match the 1930s – might tempt him to overstate the threat of Islamic fundamentalism. - or not, but interesting. From Guardian profile of Christopher Hitchens

The Catholic Church is not a super-denomination, not the top brand in an ecclesial supermarket. There is one Church to which all Christians belong through baptism. Christianity is a single experience that includes many gifts despite our divisions. The experience of Jonathan Edwards – though he detested Catholics – is valuable to me. The problems he and his congregation faced in the Christian life are the same problems we may face today... One purpose of doctrinal definitions is to close off those dead ends of faith where people may get stuck: for example, double predestination which leads to despair or an 'assurance' which may include a presumption of salvation. - Frederick of "Deep Furrows"


mrsdarwin said...

A tidbit of Catholic blog inside-baseball for you: the Bibliophagist is Darwin's mater.

TS said...

Ha! He comes by his bibliophilism honestly it seems.