June 08, 2010

This & That

This is almost funny, taking pictures of different points of a highway. Don't they all sorta look the same?

That's some serious modesty going on there.

Our library won "Library of the Year":
Today, we had the incredible honor of officially announcing that Library Journal has selected Columbus Metropolitan Library as Library of the Year. This is one of the highest honors in the library world, and comes on top of our 5 Star rating and our #1 Hennen rating. What an outstanding set of accomplishments!
New York, L.A., New England, can have their fine sports teams. We got library!


Steven Riddle said...

Dear TSO,

And I, for one, can testify to how very fine they really are, living now at the opposite end of the spectrum--where to get a book by Henry James or Dostoevsky one needs to do an ILL (nearly) but you can get endless copies of the Fame television show videos.



TS said...

Ha, humorously expressed!