June 15, 2010

Today, a Very Special Spanning...
(say like TV promos)

A reprint of the first Spanning the Globe to Bring You the Constant Variety of Posts, from Sept. '03:

I bought some books the weekend. And it gives me a little shame to confess it. Because I have too many books (and too many without reading...)? No, not as much for that reason... to that already I have resigned myself. Anyway, the U.S. technical books (at least, those that are not too popularizer, those that has quality within their branch) usually have his; there are writers who have their cuasi-literary grace, and some that another characteristic of culture, breaking a little the stereotype nerd... And - retaking what said in the beginning, on libraries too much populated... brought an appointment of Borges, that alluded as well to CicerĂ³n (I mention of memory, safe Borges that it said it better): "Like all person who has a great library, CicerĂ³n felt like culprit not to know it absolutely..." - from Spanish Blogger Hernan Gonzalez, thru the fracturing lens of Babelfish

The only thing I would quibble with (both then and now) is the defamation of the character of Balaam's ass. Balaam's ass was the instrument of the Lord; her speech was supernaturally produced! - Kathy the Carmelite defends an ass

I did inform one young lady that she was on 'the bullet train to hell.' In my little sphere, though, I'm not asked so much to give advice; rather, I end up hearing presentations of the cultural values of my seeker friends (and they ARE friends, not merely curiosities or my version of 'the white man's burden'.") - Kathy the Carmelite

Thyme’s always short. - Gregg the Obscure

There’s a word for this book and the word is crap. This cost maybe $0.75 at the thrift store. When I think of the 20 oz. Coke I could have bought with that money, I’m peeved. --blogger at Literarium

The icon of mother and child is probably the most powerful symbol and the most accurate synthesis of Christianity....Between divinity and humanity, there is a unity. God made himself little to join humanity and allowed man to achieve his full dignity. - Rev. Johann Roten

If they knew what it was, they'd know where to put it. - our pastor, regarding confusion over where to place the Tabernacle in the sanctuary.


mrsdarwin said...

TS: running the Catholic blogsphere since 2003!

TS said...

As Bill Luse oft says, "delusions of grandeur keep me going!"

Elena said...

That's 360 STG's...give or take!

TS said...

Thought about doing a "Best of..." Spanning but the thought of going through all those posts (hundreds as you point out) would be time-prohibitive!