June 04, 2010

Top Catlick Blogs & a Cranky Aside

I like the effort and accuracy that went into this ranking system, even if I'm saying: "Where's Betty Duffy!??!"* My faith in the Catholic blogosphere readership is tainted by this omission but I'll charitably attribute it to invincible ignorance. After all I glommed onto her late.

One semi-interesting thing about it is that all of the top 10 except for Amy Welborn are, I think, more or less "blogging newbies" - defined as having started well after my own start a million years ago. At the least I think they're all post-2004.

Huge 8th grade graduation party for a niece. Crankily I say that back in my day, back when I walked ten miles to school, 8th grade graduation was not a major life event. I think it shows again how everything is so much bigger and more involved with child-raising nowadays which, as Amy Welborn once mentioned, is a result of having fewer children such that you can do everything up big.

* - UPDATE: Betty Duffy is number 96! My faith in the Catlick blogosphere readership is redeemed.


Ellyn said...

Our parish school has a dinner dance for the graduating 8th graders. A dinner dance at a very posh venue. A dinner dance! I must stop now - I'm starting to foam at the mouth.

(PS - Where I come from there is no diploma, pomp and circumstance or a freakin' DINNER DANCE when one passes from 8th to 9th grade in public school. How have I survived without an 8th grade diploma?)

TS said...

Wow yours beats my niece's school.

And the funny thing is that MORE education is required now than when I grew up. Which means in theory 8th grade graduation should be even less pompful and circumstance-ful.

BettyDuffy said...

I'm number 96! And actually a bit surprised I have as many subscribers as that list says I do. But my cranky aside (I have many today apparently) is that my favorite Catholic blogs are not on the list at all. Where is Video Mel? Or did you not register with the Catholic Blog directory?

Another cranky aside...our school has a big ceremony for KINDERGARTEN graduation. And fifth grade.

TS said...

I missed you on that list. Odd that when I did a find for "Betty Duffy" in Foxfire browser it didn't find you, but did in Internet Explorer.

I'm registered, but alas and alack, unloved. The people have spoken though and I can respect that if you're on the list.

KINDERGARTEN! And 5th grade? That's hilarious. Just goes to show there's always someone to the left of you in the pity department.

Ellyn said...

My oldest daughter graduated from PRE-SCHOOL - which I thought was pretty precious at the time, but I was young and more impressed by some of the more inane realities of young parenthood. Baby #6 has never set foot in a formal school environment. (Can't say I miss the goofy ceremonies - and it left me with more energy to respond with appropriate enthusiasm when #1 received her Masters.)

William T. Missavage said...

That was quite a feat to put that list together.

Amy Welborn said...

I don't know how accurate it is - I was thinking about what you said about post-2004 blogs, and I thought, well Shea started around 2002, I'm pretty sure, so I was looking for him, and see that on Eric's list he's got a little under 800 subscribers, but in my own Google Reader, the info comes up as over 2900, which makes more sense.

So I don't know.

It doesn't matter anyway!!

Gregg the obscure said...

My godsons graduated fifth and eighth in government school this year. Lots of hoopla for both. My better half thought I was too stingy with their presents.

As befits an old fuddy-duddy, I don't even use Google reader. I still use bloglines.

mrsdarwin said...

I scanned down and found Betty right away, but our first question was, "Where's TS?" So I thought the list was a load of crock, because obviously they weren't the TOP 200 blogs, just the blogs with lots of Google Reader hits. I was surprised that we were up in the top 100, but then we've been going for five years, so maybe age counts for something there.

You're on our top 10 list, which I think is times more exclusive.

TS said...

Gregg - I'm still on ye ancient Bloglines too.

Amy's right in how many read you doesn't matter, but thanks Mrs. D since who reads you does.

Suprisingly, I think I'm tied with Enbrethiliel for "most hated by a Catlick apologist." For Enbreth, it's Shea, for me it's apparently Jimmy Akin, who for reasons inexplicable blocked me from seeing his public tweets. You can't make it up.

William Luse said...

"Jimmy Akin, who for reasons inexplicable blocked me from seeing his public tweets."

That's kind of pathetic. Btw, Vox Nova was counted as a Catholic blog, so everyone who's really Catholic gets to move up one spot.

TS said...

That's kind of pathetic.

And the irony is that I donate monthly to Catholic Answers!

I want to say "a pox upon Vox" for the rhyme, but that's too uncharitable.

William Luse said...

"And the irony is that I donate monthly to Catholic Answers!"

OMG. How rude. You know what I'd do.

Liked your rhyme.