June 11, 2010

Top Ten Football Players I Pretended to Be While in Grade School

1) "Bronko" Nagurski... because I liked saying his name

2) Earl Campbell...because I liked the way he went not around but through

3) Sam "Bam" Cunningham....because I liked the way he went not around but over

4) Johnny Unitas....because you could abbreviate his last name as "U"

5) Len "Lenny" Dawson ... because anyone named Lenny who made the NFL must be good

6) Daryle Lamonica...because he was the only NFL star whose last named rhymed with "harmonica"

7) Sonny Jurgensen ...because he played in our nation's capital and it felt patriotic

8) Alan Page...because he looked mean and wore purple

9) Bob Hayes...'cause he was fast

10) Y.A. Tittle...because his name was titillating


Bill White said...

"John Riggins" here - the guy was a tank.

TS said...

Indeed he was a tank - his nickname was "the Diesel".

TS said...

BTW, I feel comfortable in saying I'm the only Catlick blogsearch blogger to mention Y.A. (Yelberton Abraham) Tittle.