July 16, 2010

Diaristic Friday Thoughts

Much enjoy my latest tradition, that of getting going a bit earlier and getting "work" done (shower, dress, brush teeth, etc...) so that I can have 15-20 minutes of "play", defined as time spent out on the front or back porch welcoming the day with a cup of hot coffee and a good book before the spigot of heat gets turned on but after the glorious sun has 'risen.

This book had me when it suggested beating the man "by searching for large-tank toilets." The title tain't bad either. (It's Friday, which means I'm ready for a thorough soaking in fermented hops!) Link via Eric S..

Been reading Ben Wiker's book on conservative must-reads and he mentions Belloc's Servile State. And it was interesting because my "wealth", limited as it is, really isn't wealth after all. Paper money and even stocks aren't real, in the sense that they aren't convertible to anything in the event of a stock market and currency crash, both of which are obviously far more likely than we might've thought prior to the financial crisis.

Belloc argues that real wealth consists in assets that can be used, tools, the ability to do things, grow your own food, own your own home & land. (I'm thinking the average handy-type dude has a leg up on me, being able to fix things.)

Part of what makes the LeBroncalypse, as some are calling "The Decision", interesting is the fan reaction. Many of the letters to ESPN's Bill Simmons are cri's de coeur, forgive my French. They really take sports seriously. In a similar vein what surprised me about Lebron James was that he appeared to be taking the hype seriously. There was no leavening sense that the spectacle was overwrought, which I think is because he's Gen-Y, and Gen-X is where you get the irony gene (via shows like early Letterman.)

So, on the subject of apocalyptic happenings, here's yet another doomsday scenario.

At least the article has an expiration date (6 months). With global warming, Al Gore's great-great-great grandson will still be getting paid for it for crusading on it.

At least two things wrong: one, it's from no-name site called which apparently is for hack-writers who can't get paid. And I speak as a hack-writer who can't get paid. *grin* Second, my skeptic hackles get raised when one of the points is lack of press access. Conspiracy theories run rampant on the 'net, which is ironic since the 'net makes keeping secrets very difficult.


Steven Riddle said...

Dear TSO,

Ah, Permian Methane Bubbles--and the evidence for this is? I'll wait for the asteroid, thank you.

That's not to downplay the serious disaster that is the oil spill--but please--these people need to get a life and something of a brain.



TS said...

I thought you'd get a kick out of that one, given your science background.

Darwin said...

Though I'd point out that Belloc is not exactly the fellow one wants to go to for accurate economic insights. Now when it comes to poetry for bad children, he can't be beat...

However, in light of your posts above, I can but conclude that the most valuable skill and set of tools for you to cultivate would be that involved in brewing and distilling. There's something that won't go out of fashion when civilization collapses.

TS said...

Excellent point! Hadn't comsidered that but it is a skill very much worth having.