September 01, 2010

The Beck Phenomenon

Read this puzzling piece by Russell Moore, contra Glenn Beck. Methinks the prof doth protest too much. The slight but noticeable hyperventilation gives away the game, that of bias. Can't be a good sign when you write an article without backing up your assertion with quotes from the devil himself (in this case Beck), unless it's meant to be self-evident. I guess I don't know enough about Beck for it to be evident to me.

Anyway, 'twould be hard for me to work up outrage over a rally that purports to restore honor, listen to the Founding Fathers and return to God, unless you’re a partisan, closet or otherwise. And yet Moore calls it a “scandal”. That’s one of those times you make a mental note, fairly or unfairly, to take future articles by that person with a large grain of salt.


Pauli said...

Sounded like envy to me.

TS said...

Yep, green with it.