September 10, 2010

Life Among the Cattails: Tales of the Turtle Quick

A kayak /canoe is the best invention known to man. (Is that a hyperbole?) It's like having use of a yacht, only far less expensive. All sorts of natural details otherwise missed present themselves on a such an adventure, like dragonflies with two sets of bodies and wings, sort of like a bicycle built for two. Then there's the shiny turtle, the size of a half-dollar, sunning itself on shore. As I move in closer he makes a beeline for the water. Who said turtles were slow?

As I drift along I think of the title of a prospective book: "Life Among the Cattails" and wonder if it's already taken. A quick Google suggests it hasn't.

The sky is September 11 blue, just like 9 years ago tomorrow. I still remember going to Confession that afternoon, which seems somehow selfish in retrospect. Asking for forgiveness of my sins when so many others had not the chance.

On this, my last day off, I rested at a lagoon and read the Pope on Mozart's Requiem, how Mozart reconciled seeming opposites (which seems a divine trait). I listened to some of that great composition on my iPod, wanting to hear what the Pope hears, though of course it's more important to see what he sees, spiritually.  Later I read snippets of St. Theresa's God-given wisdom. It is chastising and, at the same time encouraging, a sort of reconciliation of opposites again.


dylan said...

About 9/11/01 and confession: Not selfish in the least. A good and holy act. And as I'm certain that your participation in the Sacrament was combined with prayers for all those taken so violently and so suddenly, there were untold graces that came down on you and them, which we cannot reckon or calculate.

TS said...

Thanks D, I suppose there's actually no bad time for the sacrament...