September 21, 2010

Thomas Merton Puts the Smack Down

...on Louisville:
"I renew my respect for the beauty and character of Cincinnati, its wide river, its hills, its misty views, its sudden corners. It is a good and real city, not a shadow of a city like Louisville."
--Thomas Merton, Turning Toward the World: The Journals of Thomas Merton, Volume Four, 1960-1963 (HarperCollins, 1997), p. 61, entry for October 28, 1960

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Augustina said...

A friend of mine once lent me her tapes of Fr. John Hardon's many retreats. I tried as much as possible to write down much of what he said. And whenever I come across an article or such about Thomas Merton, I feel the need to quote Fr. Hardon, and since he knew Thomas Merton personally. When Fr. Hardon was asked about his thoughts on Merton he answered, .."Merton has had a negative effect on monastic living. He was not fully converted intellectually to the Catholic Faith - God judges." Fr. Hardon goes on to say, "I knew him personally and worked with him. He imbued eastern, Not Christian monasticism; oriental, non Christian spirituality, this is really non-Christian, a form of pantheism. Merton was so deeply in non-Christian oriental mysticism- his concept of God..vague. The New Age Movement may have come into existance without Merton."