September 25, 2010

Voices Carry

Feel gratitude this morning for the simple delights of cereal upon waking, conversation with my wife, coffee freshly brewed, and the not-so-simple delight of having RSS feeds on my iPod.

Where I used to enjoy organizing my books, now I enjoy organizing my iPod, putting the apps in most-used order, putting my RSS feeds from within that app in most-read order. On a sunny if slightly cool Saturday morning I can read vicariously and enviously of Heather King's trip to Manhattan, I can enjoy the now all-too-rare Amy Welborn post, I can read about the Amish in Betty Duffy's blog. In my pocket, so many voices! How inconceivable such a thing a few years ago. And how handsome and impressive their posts look on the shiny Apple interface and attractive feeds app. Even Twitter, the media that I thought was represented by the William Hurt character in "Broadcast News", the app that I thought was all that was wrong with the world, turned out to be a pleasant news gathering vehicle and quote generator (I follow Archbishop Sheen, Curt Jester & Chesterton among others). Now I mostly save quotes to my iPod instead of in "Spanning the Globe".

Various thoughts: Heather King's humility is personally humbling. Betty Duffy said that she desires not only unconditional safety for her children but unconditional community (it always seems to me that the closer the community, the more conditional it tends to be). Amy talks frankly about blogging and Steven Riddle writes poems cathartic to read (let alone write). Much to reflect on!


Emily J. said...

So my in-laws gave us their old iphones because they upgraded to the 4th generation model. But I'm a little intimidated. But maybe if I can figure out how to read blogs on them, I'd be more inclined to pass my little pay as you go model down to my 13 yr old (even though he's lobbying for the iphone).

TS said...

It's pretty simple Emily - if you use Google reader, the application I got automatically imports those feeds. Otherwise it's not bad to manually enter some URLs.