December 07, 2010

Post-Vacation Errands, Check

Busy couple of lunch hours so far this week, the product of renewed post-vacation zest for knocking out errand-ish tasks.

On Monday, dragged my arse to the local gold shop and sold the two American eagles I'd purchased in March. They wanted a ridiculous amount in commission, which reminded me why I don't like gold as an investment (high transaction costs) but for all I know about selling gold, perhaps that's typical. Since the world didn't come to an end during the past six months, I figured it was time to exchange it for something a bit more liquid. She gave me $2,634 in cash, mostly in 50s, and I felt like a drug dealer carrying all that (minus the heat of course). Went to the bank and deposited it and the cashier didn't blink an eye. I suppose a couple grand isn't what it used to be. (The new $600?).

Today I got smart and shopped for a real alignment shop and not lame Tire Discounters who say they align but really do not. Spent the hour gainfully reading the Pope's new Q&A book. Tis true that there's little in it so far I couldn't have predicted, based on my wide reading of his thought, nevertheless he always has a good diagnosis of modern ills.

The twenty-something gal at the register noted my Kindle and gushed: "Oh I want one of those SOOO bad. I'm reading this book today and my son bent the pages and if I had an e-reader...". Said that she saw one for $60 on Craigslist and hopes her boyfriend got the message concerning it.

Am sort of following, appreciatively, Dylan's appreciation of Heather King of late. Surprising to see him rank her ahead of Merton. She is such an interesting figure and seems to have only one gear: full. She is semi-exhausting to read, at least for me, given how real and raw much of her writing and posts are. She seems to know suffering and is not afraid to write about it. Meanwhile I'm afraid of suffering and have even a low tolerance for reading about it. And yet I read Redeemed. Her humility is humbling, as is her writing talent.

Now I have to get moving on PARCHED since Betty Duffy's to be discussing it at Reading for Believers site.

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