January 02, 2011

Ego Candidacies

Old email I sent that expresses how I feel about a potential Palin run for president:
Christine O'Donnell shouldn't have run for DE Senate. The Republicans used to be the "adult" party, the responsible party, but between her and the failed NY wannabe governor Paladino, sheesh... Here's the thought process of an adult: "I've run for Delaware senate a couple times before without winning. I have a lot of skeletons in my closet such as all the stuff I said on Bill Mahrer's show. I have a skimpy record. I could run and win the nomination but it would be impossible to win the Delaware general election due to my lack of record and some of my statements in the past. As an adult, I know I have to do the right thing and NOT run for the Senate this time."

Whatever happened to modesty? She's not done anything in her life that I can see that qualifies her to be a state senator let alone a US Senator. That sort of ego is unhealthy, as we saw in Obama (who had no business running for Prez).

Adults put their country first and their party before themselves if the party espouses better ideas than the alternative. O'Donnell put neither first from what I can see. She's glib and attractive - in that sense she's exactly like Obama except she's got the right ideas. I admit that's a great advantage but I don't like the fact that she''s divorced from reality enough to have thought she can win in a liberal state like DE.

The founding fathers didn't want professional politicians, but let's stipulate the Founders themselves weren't "regular folks". They were a very impressive group.

But my beef with O'Donnell is not that she hasn't any political record, it's that she doesn't have any private sector record. If she'd run a business, made a payroll, even had a steady job I'd be more impressed.

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