February 28, 2011

Heather King's Latest

The great Heather King has a new post concerning the Catholic "right" and "left".

Steven Riddle provides the pluperfect adjective for the post: sensible. Personally, the whole "Catholic wars" thing seems so '00s to me now. It feels too politic-y; it feels like the right and left are Confederates who never learned the war is over, that the battle is within.

My only concern is that she may be getting side-tracked - presumably via the social media - into the Catholic blog wars which as I've implied are pretty much a dead end imho. What she has to add, like Tom of Disputations, is something more than just saying the obvious and the sensible, and I think part of her charm is that she's been sheltered from the tainting of politics.

I think this is her second or third post on the subject and posting, even quite sweetly as she does, on this issue seems a futile endeavor even for the likes of HK. In preaching to those receptive, like a Steven Riddle, she's preaching to the converted.

I could be all wet, and I recognize my own hypocrisy here, but even talking about church politics seems to me to just gin up more distraction and faux controversy. (That's not to say she doesn't have a few killer lines in the post about self-sacrifice, which certainly speak to the core of the battle within. Part of what I appreciate about her, and Betty Duffy, is a similar focus on the interior battle.)

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