February 09, 2011

Perusing Librarything.com...

Been reading the sites of the leaders in terms of number of books cataloged on Library Thing. I rank something like 2,600th or so among the most books.

Some interesting bios, this from a member calling himself "AsYouKnow_Bob", who boasts the 11th most number of books at 15,024:
I'm a minor civil servant. My partner in this book madness is my wife [MaggieO] (who has a major library of her own); and we have three kids. Our house is now officially Full of books.

(People who visit us are at first staggered by the number of books. Then they usually manage to remark politely, "Welll...errm...I guess you can't HAVE too many books." Uh, no, sorry: we are living proof that you CAN in fact have too many books....)

About my library: No, I have NOT read everything here. (I've read more of it than you might think, though.) I custom-built a couple hundred feet of bookshelves for our family room. Yes, we have now officially run out of shelves (we've been forced to resort to the barbarity of double-shelving (*Gasp!* The horror!), and - until the kids leave the nest - we've just about run out of wallspace to put bookshelves. Consequently, some of the older/rattier/less-referred-to stuff has Gone to Storage.)

We are gradually coming around to the strategy of building a library put forth by Samuel Pepys: "For every book that comes into the house, a book will have to leave the house."
* * *

Alaska Book woman comes in with over 11,000 books and my first thought was of course that what else can you do in Alaska during the winter when it's light for three hours a day? (Slight exaggeration.) The pictures are cheery despite the weather:


* * *

"spicere" has a healthy 14,429 books cataloged, and favored us with a fun photo for the canine-philiac set:

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