February 22, 2011

This & That

Feeling a bit like a turkey vulture, I headed over to the dying Borders bookstore on Saturday to see what sort of discounting was going on. Twenty percent off everything, which triggered massive lines that wound along the inside of half the store. I looked around and wondered if any of these folks ever heard of the Internet. If they're that price-conscious, then they can get better deals on amazon.com. 20% doesn't cut the mustard, from that perspective. I also wondered if Borders, which still makes a profit on 20% off, felt any chagrin for being so stingy with discounts.

Perhaps it was just sentiment, the paying of tribute to ye olde Brick & Mortar. As a business consultant recently told us, people buy things for reasons other than price and that rationality is overrated. He mentioned how he recommended that companies under-promise and over-deliver. One such case was a spa that routinely gave an hour massage for what was labeled as a 45-minute massage. Of course the price was based on an hour massage, but people were thrilled to get the extra fifteen minutes.

* * *

I want the blog public to know that none of my vacations are faked. All trip logs come with a seal of authenticity.

* * *

Received a form-generated thank you from a charity that went:
Thank you for the generous donation you made of $30.00 on 02/16/2011.
And it made me want to give $1 or .50 to see if, at any point, the word "generous" is lost, even though of course the widow's mite is generous as pointed out in the gospel.

* * *

Have mixed emotions on unions. I was just telling my sister on Friday night that unions seem to help preserve wages/benefits in non-union shops (she was complaining about how FedEx isn't unionized while UPS is). It used to be, in the olden days, that those in the public sector made less $$/benefits than those in the private sector BUT had the compensation of much greater job security. Nowadays most public sector employees not only make as much as private sector but have better benefits, while retaining impressive job security. So definitely things have changed! I know several folks who have left the private sector to work for the State of Ohio and boast of how much $$/benefits and less pressure they have now.
* * *

(to tune of 'Roll Out the Barrel'):
Hosni Mubarak, he left Cairo on the run,
Hosni Mubarak, dominated the news cycle fun,
Zing boom tararrel, Hosni was the US's friend,
But now's the time to roll out ol' Hosni, cause he just will not bend!

* * *

Had fun playing with grandson Sam Saturday. He can climb steps now, and delighted in going up them and then heading into bookroom. He played with books, which I suppose is a good first way to enjoy them. Enjoy them physically before mentally. He's at a particularly fun stage right now, getting exuberant over the smallest things, like when we cough under our breath, or clap our hands. Am getting full enjoyment out of these little tricks while they last. His delight is infectious.

* * *

Hiked around a local park and wondered at a pond with a sign "Deep Water" and wondered at how it didn't appear to be big enough to be very deep. Wondered the park folks considered "deep". Reveled in the gray day, since it sort of matched my inward mood of inwardness. The garish sun would come at the cost of privacy on the hikes, and also makes the inside (and thus reading) so appetizing.
* * *

Came across an interesting snippet from later reading: "Nostrums containing the sedative bromide were used so widely that by the early 20th century the word 'bromide' had come to be used figuratively to denote a dull and tiresome person, as popularized in Gelett Burgess's 1906 book, 'Are You a Bromide?'"

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