February 18, 2011

Today's Buzzword

"DECK", as in "here's the deck for the upcoming meeting."


Darwin said...

Yeah, where did that come from anyway? Though I confess I use it.

The distinction seems to be:

- A deck is the collection of powerpoint slides.
- A presentation is actually standing in front of a bunch of people talking.

So you put a deck together, but you give a presentation.

But why?

TS said...

And what's strange is how they suddenly throw these things out there, assuming everybody knows what it means. I'd never heard the term "deck" and suddenly, without warning, it appears in general circulation.

A. Noël said...

It started being used in my office about three years ago, around the time of The Trouble$. My subconscious keeps offering as a meaning, "deck: see chairs, rearranging of."

TS said...

A., I can much relate to that.