March 01, 2011

Basement Problem Put in Perspective

The old saw about a house being a pit into which you throw money always seemed a sort of gallows humor to be recalled when the furnace goes out or a window needs replaced. It's the sort of easy camaraderie you feel with your fellow Catholic when you're both giving up chocolate during Lent. But now the cliche seems to hit a little too close to home, pun intended, given the river running through the basement and the river of expense to repair (more than what was my annual starting salary).

I'm slightly bemused by how people think water in the basement is simply a sump pump problem. Hard to explain the walls are caving in and for that reason the cost is stratospheric. I look at it as less money for my profligate relatives, whom we'll have to likely support when they all go bankrupt in the coming depression.

At Mass today learned the visiting priest was a five year missionary to Kenya. He'd had an AK-47 pressed to his temple while his friend and fellow Dominican was beaten to death. Wow. Incredible how unworthy I felt to receive the Lord given this real, life, walking, talking example. And, as stated in the title, it sure puts trivialities in perspective.


Darwin said...

However in perspective it may be, I'm really sorry to hear about the flooded basement.

Elena said...

I'm sorry to hear about it too. That storm coming across the state the other night did a lot of water damage!

Steven Riddle said...

Dear TSO,

I'm so sorry to hear about it. Florida doesn't have basements, but during the rainy season we're just as likely to have a river running through the house.

I trust you have nothing of great value (i.e. your library) down there.



TS said...

Thanks y'all, it's all good. We'd saved for a rainy day, we just didn't think it would literally be for a rainy day.

My boss said, "I hope this means you won't cancel any trips. You come back so much nicer."

To which I could've replied, "I will continue to take trips both for you and for fair Mrs. Darwin."

MrsDarwin said...

It's not just a vacation, it's therapy.

So sorry about the basement.

William Luse said...

Sorry, TS. I'd like to say I feel your pain but we don't have basements down here.

TS said...

Yet another reason to move to Florida...