March 03, 2011

Cincy, Ohio Gets a Mention

I was listening to Willie's Place on the radio and lo & behold heard a song I'd never heard before: an ode to Cincinnati, Ohio. Recorded in 1967 by Connie Smith (and written by Bill Anderson), the song made it to number four on the country hit list:
One more hour and I'll be home
Close my eyes and rest my bones
Can't be more than a mile or so
from Cincinnati Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio...

Cincinnati where the river winds cross the Mason and the Dixie Line
Heaven waits for me I know in Cincinnati Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio

I guess perhaps the memories got too strong
Grabbed me by the heart strings and pulled me home
I got to thinkin' bout some friends I know in Cincinnati Ohio
I walked half way from Louisville now there she lies at the foot of the hill

Shinin' like a jewel in the valley below Cincinnati Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio
Cincinnati where the river winds...
Cincinnati where the river winds...

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