March 22, 2011

From Catholic Bibles blog...

...moving paragraph on his favorite book in the Bible:
My favorite book of the Bible is the Gospel of John. While that may seem like an easy choice, at least for me, it was (and remains) an important book for my spiritual growth. About a decade ago, I was not much of a practicing Catholic, but through various conversion experiences I came to accept the call of Christ (and His Church) in a more profound way. One of the most enlightening aspects of this journey has been my reading of John. Up until that point of my life, I had spend almost no time in the Bible, yet when I started to read the Gospel of John I was just floored at what Jesus was saying and doing. Most of what I knew about Jesus was from hearing the synoptics read at Mass, but John was different. I felt then, as I do now, that John provides us a privileged peek into the heart of Jesus in a more tender and profound way. In the Gospel of John, Jesus weeps, speaks intimately with our Heavenly Father, gives us His mother, and reveals the reality of the Eucharist. These were things that touched my heart back then and continues to do so today.

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