March 02, 2011

Huckabee's Folly

The likable Mike Huckabee recently made a gaffe of epic proportions.

No, it wasn't citing the Mau Mau uprising against the British in connection with Obama's background. It was something far more serious and strange. It was that he admitted he's surprised at the way Obama has governed and thought Obama would sit down with Republicans at the bargaining table in '08 and '09. Now there's your grounds for Huck not being presidential material.

There's nothing in the way Obama has governed that has surprised me in the lest. Dismayed me, disappointed me, yes but not surprised. From his rabid pro-abortion stance to his profligate spending, nothing suggests itself as actually surprising. He simply took his majorities in Congress and rammed things through Chicago machine-style. Rat-tat-tat.

A senator with one of the most liberal voting records governed as a liberal. Surprise? No. But it certainly does strengthen the notion that we get the government we deserve.


Roz said...

I'm not surprised that he's governed the way he has. But it has surprised me that he and Democrats in Congress have been as shameless and overt as they've been.

TS said...

I wonder about how much of that is due to greater scrutiny. Those backroom deals used to be shrouded in a bit more mystery, back before the 24/7 cable & internet coverage.

William Luse said...

There's nothing in the way Obama has governed that has surprised me in the lest

(I know you meant 'least.) :)

I'm with you there. All anyone had to do in 2008 was listen. When people claim surprise, I act surprised.

TS said...

Got so excited I mistyped "least"!