March 16, 2011

This & That

Our long national daymare is over, the basement finished. Actually it was reasonably painless except for the pricetag. There's wet concrete amid freshly expoxy'd walls, walls that still show the darker lines where the cracks had been filled in.

All-in-all it seems a bit of an overkill, the whole, elaborate infrastructure designed for a water-free basement, as if designing a $1,000 mouse trap. Feels a bit of a pyrrhic victory since the goal of a dry basement is not quite as exciting as, say, a 50 inch screen television. (Or in this case, the price equivalent of five or ten of them.) All these ropes and pulleys just to foil water's natural tendencies. It's certainly not a waste of money, I guess, but it puts us "under water" concerning how much we've put into the house versus how much it's worth. I'm sure we're not alone there. Our neighbor has dropped the asking price for her house some seventy thousand dollars over the past six or nine months. The housing market depression continues apace.

* * *

Started to read some of the Pope's book on Jesus but it just looks a tad dry, a bit too academical. His project is a worthy one, to join the early Fathers and the historical critics in a holy kiss (like justice and mercy) but I can't help but think how I read that whole first volume and how it wasn't, to use that dreadful word, too "impactful".

* * *

What struck me in the Morning Hours yesterday was this line from the Psalms: "a vain hope for safety is the horse / despite its power it cannot save" and I thought how you could substitute "money" for horse. Or power or fame. In the end only God can save, can keep us alive beyond our appointed years. Also what struck me was the prayer: "Give us the gift of keeping your word in good and perfect hearts patiently, until it bears fruit within us." Amen!


Fred said...

nobody with a good car needs to be saved :)

TS said...

Yes indeed...a Flannery O'Connor line as I recall.