March 25, 2011

Tidbits on the War in Libya

From Jonah Goldberg:
I think some of us [on the Right] may be exhibiting a delayed backlash against the Iraq War and exhaustion with the Afghan conflict. The Right tolerated mistakes, misjudgments, and staggering military expenditures under Bush in pursuit of a vastly more ambitious agenda. Now, when Obama undertakes a considerably more modest undertaking -- albeit in a decidedly annoying and incoherent fashion -- many conservatives shout "Enough!"

As I've written many times, I think something similar explains the tea parties. They, too, are a kind of delayed Bush backlash. But there's a key difference. Yes, Bush was a big spender and an expander of government, but he was a piker compared to Obama. To mirror what he has done on the domestic front, Obama would need to be announcing a full-scale invasion of Australia.
Definitely some war weariness here. But interestingly Pope Benedict doesn't seem to disapprove:e:
VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI issued an urgent appeal Sunday to military and political leaders to consider the safety of Libyan civilians and ensure they have access to emergency aid in his first comments on the U.S.-led military assault on Libya.

The pope didn't identify which leaders he was referring to in comments at his traditional Sunday blessing. Significantly, he didn't demand an immediate end to the U.S. and European air and missile strikes.

Rather, he directed his appeal in general to "those who have the political and military responsibility to take to heart the safety and security of citizens and guarantee that they have access to humanitarian aid."

Benedict said the outbreak of hostilities had sparked "great fear and alarm in me" and said he was praying for peace in the region.

Two weeks ago, Benedict lamented the deaths and humanitarian crisis caused by the fighting between Moammar Gadhafi's forces and rebels.

The Vatican has been remarkably quiet since then, and particularly since the U.N. Security Council authorized military force to halt Gadhafi's crackdown: the Vatican newspaper reported on the developments matter-of-factly, without commentary.


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