April 08, 2011

Friday Randomness

Euphoria comes, when the work day is done! And the reward for the mental toil and fearfully early wake-up call is a Magic Hat #9 ale. And some Rilke poetry. And some country music. Not all at the same time, though all three have in common being as far from computer programming as can be, short of orgasm. The Magic Hat is sort of a fruity Sierra Nevada Pale. Slightly less bitter and slightly more sweet.
* * *

Finished the Hitchens memoir. Very good read; he certainly needs praying for. Feel ready for some fiction and, of course, some Chesterton. Either poetry or biography or Heretics! Been too long, and too many Chesterton-free mornings. I can certainly see how the Am Chesterton Society is so cultishly enthusiastic. The definition of a good cult, in my estimation. It’s like Nancy Brown has found her mission - to read Chesterton and plug him via podcast, blog, etc.. Promulgating Chesterton isn’t a bad gig to have in the Body of Christ.
* * *

Found a different version (Belmont Abby’s) of the Stations of the Cross to go with during weekly Adoration. Much colder, sterner stuff than the Amy Welborn/Michael Dubruiel collaboration Apple app. But still good to do once. Read Padre Pio’s instructions, on a blog, on how to enter a church. (With great reverence, with a slow deliberate sign of cross, etc..). Guilty of being too casual!
* * *

The weather has turned a corner and is sprinting south. The weekend promises to be a long home run to center. All-star weather in early April. Winter would seem to be officially over.
* * *

Ignatius Press has a new DVD with three documentaries on The Shroud of Turin. Am tempted to buy. I’m pretty susceptible to their winsome catalog. Advertising works!
* * *

12 Candidates in '12

Mitt the Romniac is in the lead,
with The Donald news will always bleed,
Newt the Ging finds chameleons quite charming
while Sarah never finds a bear alarming.
Haley bears the comet's fervid name,
while Barack Obama never takes the blame.
Tim Pawlenty makes a wicked stew,
Daniels isn't one to drink a brew.
Michele Bachman has such pretty hair,
while Huckabee hides out in his FOX-y lair.
Rick Santorum thinks he has a prayer,
while ol' Ron Paul doesn't have a care.

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