May 02, 2011

First Catlick Blogger to Blog on Bin Laden Is...

I used the catholic blog search engine to find the first mention of bin Laden's death and it appears to be a Margaret in Minnesota in a post dated 10:35pm (presumably Minnesota time):
The kids were tucked into bed and kissed, and the finishing touches were put on this post. News in the background...Bin Laden is dead...which is weird and unexpected and great, I guess, but also uncertain...and I know that this day, this post, this life, that cake...everything is a gift and every moment, to be cherished.
Among the Catholic blogosphere there is mention made of the irony of our worst enemy dying on Mercy Sunday, and much mention of the Vatican's statement that we not celebrate anyone's death.

My own reaction seems so bloodless. I felt ... nothing. Neither exultation nor relief nor much dismay over the celebrations. I was a bit discomfited and taken completely by surprise by the celebrations that ensued (including OSU students jumping shirtless into Mirror Lake). Had mixed emotions since I liked the patriotism it seemed to exhibit but obviously felt that the call to love our enemies appeared not being practiced.

After the surprise wore off I thought about how this means Obama will be that much more likely to be elected in '12.


Steven Riddle said...

Dear TSO,

As you well know, college students, and OSU students in particular will use any occasion as an excuse for removing some or all of one's clothing. The notion of jumping into Mirror Lake is one of those things that make my skin crawl.

And welcome to the cool and bloodless group. I cannot celebrate when it takes death to bring us even a little sense of victory. It sounds too much like "an eye for an eye" etc. (even bearing in mind, that the eye for an eye principle was actually incredibly merciful for its time.)

But the death of one so long sought did give me pause to think through all sorts of things.

Thank you for posting this and know that you are not alone in your reaction to things.



Tom said...

I'm reminded of the bit about the young desiring justice and the old desiring mercy. (Add the chance to run around at night yelling, and it's practically irresistable.)

TS said...

True dat Tom. I updated the post to show them running around at night yelling.