June 24, 2011

Best Corapi Post

...that I've seen is likely the one here at Chesterton & Friends.

A contrary and probably less accurate thesis is my own supposition that his vocation was simply extremely ill-fitting; I recall him saying that standing up in front of people and giving talks is the LAST thing he wanted to be doing. He said he'd rather be a hermit in Montana. So I thought maybe he subconsciously "blew up" his situation.

I was previously amazed at his staying power in the face of something he stated he hated doing. (Grace builds on nature, doesn't replace it.) There was, in some of his talks, much evidence of "strain", strain in living a public life, strain in getting along with his superiors and disappointment over wayward priests. But at Chesterton & Friends, the post's author has a whole different way of looking at it, saying that he might be a "fame junky". The money quote is:
After the attack all of his media outlets, except his website, were cut off to him. In one of his talks he had mentioned that if this kind of allegation happened to him he would just spend more time with his dogs and do a lot more fishing. His addictive personality could not let him do that.

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