June 15, 2011

That "W" Word

I recall seeing the quote on a banner at my alma mater: "To think that in such a place, I led such a life.". That seems so well-situated to the romantic clime of college and so foreign to the workplace. Why? Wonder starts at deeply appreciating that there is anything at all, that there is existence rather than non-existence. It would be well to cherish that quote in every place of our lives.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with work, albeit without the "love" part.

I've tended to see it as something imposed from without rather than something intrinsic to the fallen human condition. I must've missed Genesis 3 in religion class back in grade school, that part about toiling for one's daily bread.

I've always looked at work as something of a fluke, an accounting error, something that a better bottom line could fix. If I'd simply save more money, live more frugally then work could be optional. If I'd just live in a double-wide, I could be free of dependency on the job and that would make me free in spirit if not in fact.

I think back on how different this mindset is from, say, Mother Teresa's. She wasn't concerned about getting or keeping a job, because her life was her job and her job her life. I couldn't picture her saving money for "retirement", for a saint never retires, has no apparent thought of "living in leisure" and besides which is fully dependent on the will of God and not their own strategies. As the old saying goes, "if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans."


I find it interesting that Christ's most powerful means of showing his love for us was not supernatural, but natural: that of dying on the cross rather than miraculously healing us of all our ills. His Resurrection was proof that the Cross was taken on voluntarily, out of love. It's not either/or, of course, because some see God's love expressed in miracles, but it seems as though the "normal" way of experiencing God's love for us is to meditate on His sufferings.


melanie said...

great thoughts.

TS said...

Thanks Melanie.