July 01, 2011

God's Use of Flawed Instruments

I was moved by the reflection below, in part because my faith grew after confronting the arguments of an anti-Catholic influencing my then-finance, now wife. Fr. Corapi was also mentioned in this, published in the bulletin by the pastor of a downtown Columbus parish I frequent:

Who did the Lord use to impart the gift of faith to you? This is a great question to ponder...Some of the people He uses may have even been the ones trying to dissuade us from the faith!

That last point always fascinates me. For example, my faith grew tremendously by having to defend my faith in the midst of a Catholic college. A more striking example is that of a young priest who was influential in my discernment but ended up leaving the priesthood.

When a faith-filled person who has influenced our spiritual growth urns away from the faith, it can be devastating. (I give this example because of how some people feel about the unfolding situation surrounding Fr. Corapi.) The aforementioned priest was an inspiration to me. I clearly remember advice he gave me which was certainly grace-filled. Those realities were not diminished when he left the priesthood in a scandalous manner, but made real to me the truth of Who it was that had really spoken to me. God can use anyone, especially His priests, but He always respects our free will even if it manifests itself in sin.


Tom said...

For that matter, how many taxi drivers have brought people to the church?

[Mostly, though, felix typo! "finance" for "fiancee"]

TS said...

Ah, that's an embarrassing typo - flawed instruments indeed, both spellchecker and me!