July 22, 2011

Gratitudinal Difference

It's feels odd to be at this point where the weather's too hot for me.

Being too cold is omni-present during the winter months and not infrequent during spring and fall.

But a rare experience is this being too hot. I like temps in the mid-to-high '80s with some humidity, but a temp of 92 or more with real humidity is a bit hot to handle. There are probably six days a year when it's too hot for me, and fifty when it's too cold.

But what is interesting to me is how I perceive the heating or cooling effects of the indoors. When I came indoors last night I felt a palpable sense of relief and gratitude for air conditioning. Do I feel that when I come in from the cold? I'm not sure. I think I take it for granted, as if the indoors is the default and well it should be warm indoors. What's the big deal? But in summer I look at the default as being outdoors and when I come in and am welcomed with the cool I feel more grateful.

Perhaps it's simply in the frequency. When fifty days are cold, you get at least fifty agreeable times of coming in to warmth a year. You become numb to it since it's so frequent. But when six days are hot, you feel more gratitude for a/c because you notice it less frequently.

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