July 05, 2011

Morning Radio

Heard Scott Hahn on the local Catholic radio station today on the way to work. Fascinating tidbit on his meeting with a Muslim apologist. What happened was a friend of him begged Scott to go to this conference to debate a Muslim scholar on the Trinity, the Muslim taking the con side, of course and Scott taking the pro. Scott reluctantly agreed, but some weeks before the event he was staying at his friend's house and his friend set up a breakfast with the Muslim - an informal pre-debate debate.

The breakfast went poorly, to put it mildly. Hahn mentioned in passing about God's fatherhood and the Muslim pounded the table and said, "I am warning you not to blaspheme Allah again." Hahn said "how did I do that?" and the Muslim answered that God is not a father but master and we are slaves, not children. Later Scott mentioned the phrase "son of God" in referring to Jesus and again the Muslim pounded the table and said that if he blasphemes Allah again, he will leave. Well a bit later Scott slipped again, although he knows not how, and the muslim walked out before they even ordered food. He then cancelled the debate with Hahn, saying that Hahn was not abstract enough in his thinking, too "popular" rather than scholarly. Scott thought he was just being scriptural.

Hahn said that he thinks it's not enough to think of God as creator and redeemer but that we need to reflect more on who God is - father, "Abba", - than what He's done.

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