July 17, 2011

Sundry and various

I'm a sucker for the island songs of Jimmy Buffet if purely by association. I associate them, having heard them so many times while on vacation, with vacation. It's the ultimate branding - it's no wonder he's a millionaire or billionaire. People want escape, and he's the Escape brand, (patent pending). And so I'm naturally thrilled that there's a Buffet satellite radio station now although admittedly I'm breaking the association - I'm listening to him while NOT on vacation. A perishable commodity, this branding thing, and subject to breakage.
I'm so impressed by the simple faith of that Native American saint whose name I can't pronounce or spell, Bl Katerie. She was beatified on a special day to me, my birthday. She died at the age of 24 and two sources checked couldn't tell me what she died of. Probably of sanctity, since it seems the good tend to die young. Sometimes I think of it as a subconscious desire to get to Heaven sooner, or maybe it's like a rookie in single A ball who's so good they skip double and triple A and send them right to the majors, i.e. Heaven. Her secret was intense prayer and self-denial, which seems not an unusual strategy.
So I'm sitting here staring at my iPad. Help, my name is Tom and I'm a netoholic. Can't. pick. up. a. book. I listen to music stations while the words to that John Denver song come to mind: "I'd play Sally Gooden all day if I could / But the Lord and my wife wouldn't take it very good / So I fiddle when I can, work when I should....".


Tom said...

I had a bottle of hoppy beer from a local brewery the other day and noticed that I felt like I was on vacation, because I don't usually drink bottles of hoppy beer unless I'm on vacation.

It'd be nice to be able to recreate the vacation feeling at will just by drinking a hoppy beer, but as you say, associations like that are easy to break. (If Marcel scarfed down a box of madelines with tea every night during SportsCenter, he'd probably be a lot less nostalgic (unless he's a Dodgers fan).)

TS said...

Indeed, seems wise of the church to parcel feast days and fast days and have seasons unto each in order to maintain the specialness.

Banshee said...

Tuberculosis was the cause of death.

TS said...

Ah yes, St. Therese's disease. Thanks!