August 11, 2011

A Diary By Any Other Name....

Last eve was home under a wonderful blanket of sun and a reasonable heat index. How necessary Monday's off-work day seemed, how wonderful in hindsight, foresight and plain-sight! I dined on "Young Dubliners" cd while cooking chicken breasts under a blue-gabled sky. Monday swum with vacationish details, like the long relaxed canopy visit, the delicious anticipation of reading, the rhythm of the bike ride, the sun-run, the barbershop quartet of beers.


Amused to hear Tina Brown squirm on "Morning Joe", trying to defend her putting an very unflattering photograph of Michelle Bachmann on the Newsweek cover. Ah but just once it would be nice to hear someone of the liberal stripe say, with refreshing frankness, "we just don't like Bachmann, and our cover was red meat to our mostly left-of-center readership." Even when you catch the MSM redhanded, they refuse to admit guilt, just as no one arrested on COPS ever says, "that is my weed in my car."


Thursday already. Funny how having Monday off makes Thursday come 'round real soon. Early to bed and late to rise makes a man happy just to be alive; got a good night's sleep and in the morning had a ten minute stretch to give over to the civilized activity of drinking coffee in the book room while reading the newspaper on Kindle.

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