August 01, 2011

Journal du Jour

Read more of the amazon Kindle single "The Heart of Haiku". Oddly satisfying, with its blend of biography and poetry. Who would've thunk I'd be reading about a 17th century Buddhist Asian haiku master? The wonders of the 99-cent price originally drew me. It's good to read about the things that bind pretty much all of us - like the natural world.


An entertaining storm commences, with gentle thunder and a cooling wind and rain after a dog-day afternoon of humidity so thick you could cut it with a knife. Read more of "South of Broad" and am liking it. It's a fine summery read, nothing too challenging or deep. A nice change of pace. Earlier today read a good dollop of "Friday Night Lights: A Companion". Riggins, one of the stars of the show, is presented as wistfully hungering for something more than just women, booze or worldly success. What is it he wants? "Texas Forever". Or, God, imo. (Why pretend and add the extra 'h' as imho?)


Still pondering Heather King's vision, handed down from Joseph Schmidt, interpreted from St. Therese who got it from the gospel... It feels providential that in this Late Age of the Blog Era a superstar rises from the Stygian mists. Her hellish experience of alcoholism seems to have taught her something the rest of us have a hard time getting through our skulls - the gratuitousness and efficacy of grace.


I think the genesis of the tea party movement is frustration built upon frustration. Back in the '90s there was talk of eliminating the Dep't of Education and Dep't of Commerce and streamlining the Federal government. Just the symbolism of dismantling a federal cabinet seat felt big. I'm not sure how much money it would've saved, but it was the mere idea was porn to conservatives. It never happened, but then we didn't have a Republican congress & president. When that finally happened, under George W. Bush, there was famously the shocking letdown. And then of course Obama became an all-world spender.


I feel a sense of continuity with the past when I see our cat Deedle with a big fat cicada in his mouth. All is right with the world when he comes up to the porch with his bulging cheeks from which sprout the wings of one of summer's bigger insects. I'm amused that he is so easily entertained, that his hunting instincts are so easily satisfied. With him there is no whiney: "oh, if I were fast enough to catch real prey, like a mouse!" but instead he shows me his find with the greatest of satisfaction and I feel glad for him.

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