August 21, 2011

Last Day(s)

Last day of vacation and I ain't going down without a fight - which means, of course, drinking beer. I am sitting out in pluperfect 80 degree weather with "The First Tycoon: Cornelius Vanderbilt" on the Kindle. I take a picture so it'll last longer:
Also reading the latest Mark Steyn, "After America". Steyn is prone to overstatement and mild hysteria, to put it mildly, but he says things I've long thought, and we all love to see in print things we've thought. Mark writes about how we as a culture pretty much suck with respect to curing diseases these days, and it seems true. There's something symbolic about how the big advances of the '20s and beyond were prolonging the life of diabetics and in the '50s curing polio while our main claim to fame now is eradicating erectile dysfunction via Viagra. I think he's missing the advancements in heart surgery, but still... He writes that we reached our technically-proficient peak in 1969 with the moon landing and that feels true.

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