August 22, 2011

My Entirely Subjective List of States With the Most Self-Pride

1) TEXAS - easy choice, there is hardly a contender. Texas is so "state patriotic" that there's talk of secession there.

2) NEW YORK - the Big Apple is self-patriotic enough to provide that impetus for the whole state. They think the own the joint!

3) SOUTH CAROLINA - they started the Civil War, so that takes some chutzpah. Plus the South is generally more state patriotic (or at least regionally so) than most.

4) MASS - a state with so much history and the most elite university will naturally be self-patriotic, and their love for the Red Sox is legendary.

5) CALIFORNIA - Despite recent problems, the "Golden State" still thinks of itself as the leader of trends, fashions and technology.

6) ALASKA - the biggest state in terms of area, Alaskans are keenly aware of their separateness and rich natural resources.

7) LOUISIANA - Anchored by New Orleans and Cajun country, this state is unique enough to have a lot of self-patriotism.

8) NEW HAMPSHIRE - "Live free or die," is their motto, and their pride of rugged individualism is strong.


Gregg the Obscure said...

I take it you don't know many folks from old Wyo? They tend to be more proud than even Texans, but with more reason. Rock Springs and Thermopolis aren't for the faint of heart.

TS said...

I thought one of those "wild west" states might qualify and now I have one!

Tom said...

Virginia's pretty full of itself, for some reason. Though the per capita trend is probably downward, given the influx of Yankees in the DC suburbs.

Ellyn said...

Illinois tries to slip away unnoticed.