August 30, 2011

Sun-Greed & Book Readin'

Yesterday I followed the sunscape around the yard, sun-junkie that I am. (A Concord pastor offers a morning offering about the onset of autumn and upcoming loss of summer.) I enjoyed the light shining on the Kindle as I read more of Mark Steyn's compulsively readable "After America" which certainly paints a grim picture. What greater symbol of our ineptitude, he says, than rebuilding a big nothing in lower Manhattan since 9/11? Steyn also didn't leave me unscathed, for he quoted de Tocqueville concerning the tyranny that democracies are prone to, and that is an anesthetizing comfort, an inward self-absorption which Steyn says is well-illustrated by our compulsion to watch "Dancing With the Stars" and engage in social media. The problem lies not in the stars, as the Bard wrote. Steyn says convincingly, "Tocqueville knows us better than we know ourselves." A prophet indeed.

Also couldn't resist Lino Rulli's "Sinner", which I bought on Kindle. Next up, the great Heather King.

Reading one of the "curse" psalms, number 108, reminded me that Jesus Himself dealt with a diversity of Scripture. He could've chosen a cursing psalm as one to follow but he did not, thankfully. The CTS notes say, "In praying this psalm the Christian can only be humbly grateful for the advance in morality." Indeed, amen.

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