August 22, 2011

Sundays with Dolan

Listened to a bit of Archbishop Dolan on the Catholic channel today. Man is he articulate and interesting or what? He's certainly made for modern media. He should have a show on EWTN. He had someone on from Dorothy Day's Catholic Worker today, and the guest told an oh-so-memorable anecdote about a lady donating a diamond. Day treated it no differently than had she received a 5-dollar bill, casually putting it in her smock. Later she gave it to a street person saying something like, "God didn't make diamonds only for the rich, you know." The Catholic worker guy cringed because he knew how much that diamond would fetch in order to pay their bills. Pure Dorothy Day.

Then I read something on the back of the Byzantine bulletin from St. John Chrysostom on moving mountains. He opined that the apostles didn't move any mountains because there was no need, but that later saints are reputed to have moved them when the necessity arose. What faith, both in movers of mountains and in believers of the stories of movers of mountains and in Dorothy Day! The saints are different from us - they have more faith! Faith is to saints what money is to the wealthy. Sometimes the greatest faith challenge is simply to trust that our sins are forgiven.

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