October 27, 2011

On Point

As a collector of corporate neologisms (such as the term 'deck' being used to describe a Powerpoint presentation), I note with glee a new one found in an up & comer's note:
Hi guys. Are you familiar with this data? Not sure who pulled it the first time... Please let me know who is on point and when we expect we'll be able to deliver.
I suppose "responsible for this" is now passé and a bit wordy.


Fred said...

Here's another. In your space, in my space.

e.g. I saw this article on death due to dental infections and thought I'd send it to you because it's in your space. (emailing my dentist who posts these helpful notices).

Tom said...

It'd be interesting to see a word cloud or some such showing the relationships among "responsible for," "on point," "point of contact," "bellybutton," "lead," "custodian," and so forth.

(Word verification is "brick," which seems like it could be corporate jargon but as far as I know is not.)

TS said...

Ah, this brick is in my space!

I just can't believe someone could use "bellybutton" with a straight face.

Tom said...

I was pretty sure I'd misheard the first time. "Bellybutton?"

But no. "Yeah. Who do you poke?"

"In your space" reminds me of the "swim lanes" used when the distinction between your space and my space is significant.

Gregg the Obscure said...

Yesterday some otherwise intelligent fellows were discussing how to add a bottleneck to a process that had nothing to do with bottles or even significantly impacting fluids.