November 01, 2011


On Sunday read some of Goddard's "The Meaning of Shakespeare" and it's just so revelatory. He speaks of the distinction between the literal meaning of the text and its poetry, and clearly he seems to suggest a view of Scripture: that there are two extremes - one is that it means only what the author intends it, or it means only what we intend it. Both are false; there is some middle ground in which we see meanings in Shakespeare the Bard didn't see or, in the analogy, the sacred author didn't see.

On The Catholic Channel, heard Martin Sheen discuss his film "The Way" with Archbishop Timothy Dolan and I wonder if the archbishop squirmed at all when Sheen explained how pertinent the theologically discredited liberation theology is in his faith: "It's Daniel Berrigan who keeps me in the Church" was the gist of Sheen's speech. The archbishop did not use the time for lecturing or hectoring but instead diplomatically mentioned Dorothy Day, whom everyone can admire.

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