November 03, 2011

Of Books

Went down to the cafeteria for a civilized half-hour reading "Swamplandia", a novel set in the atmospheric swampy Everglades about a family who own a tacky tourist trap involving alligator wrestling. Tasty Florida kitsch. The author is coming to Columbus tonight, to the Thurber House. Wouldn't mind going if it were hassle-free, which it's not. In the end I'd rather be reading her novel than listening to her read it and doing whatever else happens at book events. (She can't sign my Kindle, so there's no book-signing possible.)

Later worked out and read the eminently readable "After America" by Mark Steyn. I don't know why, but these financial collapse books seem to unduly fascinate me. Am on my third book that describes the events of 2008 forward. Maybe it's just the authors - Mark Steyn and Michael Lewis are always great reads. Or it's just that the topic of collapse and decay appeal to the pessimistically inclined.

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