November 03, 2011

Takes Faith to Have Faith

Read an interesting web item on how massage therapy promotes the release of oxytocin which leads to feelings of trust. But, ironically, she says that it takes trust in order to be open to receive the gift of trust.  Sort of like faith?:
"This is the miracle of the modern world. It’s usually safe to wander back streets in other people’s countries, and engage in transactions with nothing but gestures and smiles. Modern trade requires a huge amount of trust, which took centuries to build. We should celebrate that trust instead of taking it for granted. Most people fill their heads with the calamities on the news and don’t notice how often things go right...

That’s the irony of massage. It stimulates the neurochemical “oxytocin,” the feeling we experience as trust, but you have to start with a lot of trust for it to work."

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