January 11, 2012

A Hodge-Podge of Discontinued Items

Hambone called yesterday to tell me he was about to go on John Corby's 610AM radio show. The subject was "car stories" and he proffered one on the time he ran over a brick which put a hole in his floorboard, right under his feet, and how subsequently, dressed for church and in a hurry, ran over a puddle with sprayed 2-3 gallons of water on him. Only faux paus in the telling was that he was asked if he still went to church and said, contradictorily, "I went home, because I had to play guitar at church." Turns out "home" was actually "on"; he'd lapsed into his southern accent. Tries to get fancy and ends up ponc'ing himself.


Wasted too much time the other day watching the Republican debate (their voices cascaded over my brain like rushing water, allowing me not to have to think for awhile), thus getting up later than normal which caused me to miss the Byzantine liturgy that I often irrationally crave. Christ is Christ and He is present under both liturgies. But it was nice to have these last Christmas songs even if they felt akin to Christmas in July: The First Nowell, as they spelled it, "What Child is This?" and "We Three Kings". (The Byzantine service eschews Western carols.)


Megabus rolls by, with enticing destinations emblazoned on its side: "Cleveland", "Ann Arbor", etc... I wonder how far I have to go to encounter foreignness. One city over? One state over? One region of the country over? One country over? One hemisphere over? One world over? I'll settle for Indianapolis Art Museum. Soon.


What a pleasing game Sunday afternoon: Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos defeating Big Ben and the Steelers. It was storybook as everyone knows by now: 80-yard td on first play in O/T. With Tebow, besides his Christian faith, he seems an underdog. Plus the string of last second "Tebow time" victories really get your attention. But now the seemingly insurmountable hurdle of mighty Tom Brady and the New England Patriots looms. It's hard to see a scenario where the Broncs don't get their asses kicked, the Peter principle in action. But of course I'll watch the game. As someone at worked mentioned, even when Tebow's a flop, it's entertaining. The NFL's got to love it.

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