January 24, 2012

Kindle Lines

I occasionally check the amazon.com reviews of the Kindle. Sometimes cryptic, sometimes near erotic in terms of intensity. Here is a sampling of actual reviews in the past day or two:
I like it for the english titles.
Unfortunately there are no mobi books in greek.

The screen really has ink inside. E-INK!!
Couldn't believe it. It's true technology.

This thing weighs weighs less than anything bound,
short of a passport,
and even that would be probably be a close call.

I just hope I'm not misspeaking on the matter.

The Kindle was a present from my 97 year old mother.

It holds approximately 14,000 books
which is a good amount for me.

Oh blessed Kindle, how long I have waited for you!

I asked for this for Xmas since I'm an advent reader;
never without at least two books in my purse.

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