January 06, 2012

Lamentations & Exaggerations

Argh!! What fresh hell is this? It's an all day meeting off-site called "Champion training" that promises to test my sanity. Oh how I've gotten used to the zen of working at my desk. Our new leader, Holly, is peeing on her tree, hell-bent on leaving her mark. She's a big believer and enthusiast of business fads, extrovert that she is.

But I see in my negative reaction to this change the seeds of what is wrong with society in general. Read an interesting piece in Wall Street Journal on the long, slow slide of Kodak, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. You wonder how such a well-respected, profitable company couldn't see the future of digital and adjust accordingly. It's fascinating and sad to see a country, company or individual fail to adapt to changing conditions, and I find it especially compelling given my own difficulty with change.

With our country, I find it hard to believe that we are in this situation debt-wise. It seems like the solution is so simple: spend less than you take in. There's a denial that can set in, denial that our leaders won't NOT do something about it in time. It seems we're drifting towards an abyss that everyone can see, and it's not the abysses you can see that "should" determine fate. It's the unknowns that should be problematic. So just as Kodak, you'd think, would be able to reinvent itself in plenty of time before its current apocalypse, you'd think the U.S. should. Part of the reason Kodak couldn't was said to be the very expensive pension cost of retirees, which sounds suspiciously similar to the problem with America today.

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William Luse said...

I like your "difficulty with change" because it reminds me of me.