January 11, 2012

Much Ado, Perhaps

I'm becoming increasingly skeptical of the old Latin adage "Lex orandi, lex credendi", especially in the context of the "for the many" controversy in the words of consecration.

And now I see Friar Minor writes of the poverty and ineffectuality of words, at least compared to the Word:
I decided to pray one of the new Mass forumularies for the dead this morning, offering the Mass for the the recently deceased father of one of the friars. Requiescat in pace.

After Mass I was thinking about how the prayers seemed like an improvement, and how they were more supplicative and contained less presumption about the deceased having already arrived at the beatific vision. But you know what? When I went back and looked at the old prayers, they weren't much different. I thought I would be writing a post about how the new prayers better recognized continued purification after death and the need to pray for the dead on their continued journey to the fullness of salvation. I was going to sing the praises of the new translation, saying that it would help restore a pastoral consciousness of the Last Things. As it turned out, there wasn't much in the old prayers to accuse them of failing in these things.

So I guess one has to say that the widespread error of presumption with regard to the state of the departed after bodily death is not the fault of the liturgy, or at least of the liturgy as the Church presents it...


HokiePundit said...

I do like the consistency of having the translation be much closer to the Latin, and I guess in a blind test I'd prefer the new translation, but it's pretty much the same for me. The priests I know seem to be pretty psyched, though.

Then again, I had to do some damage control with friends of my fiancee after I mentioned that I didn't really prefer the TLM to the NO (especially as my parish uses Latin propers), so take what I say with a grain of salt!

TS said...

Don't feel bad, I feel the same way about TLM compared to NO.

Thomas said...

Of course, there is no old adage Lex Orandi Lex Credendi...no one ever said it. It was invented by the liturgical movement. There's some truth in it as a practical matter, but we can happily let go of the made up Latin.