January 09, 2012

Evolution of Nigerian Scams

I'm always interested in the latest advances of scamology, and it seems some are getting shorter, more to the point, and even show a taste for irony ("Born is dead"):
Attn: we are sorry to inform you of Mr. Allen Born's death this late. Although you might have not know that your name is written on Mr. Allen Born’s WILL; the reason for this late notification, as Allen Born’s dead, a lot of fake claims have been showing up. For more details as regards to this issue respond. Thanks, Barr Peter Morris.
Still, capitalizing "will" is a dead giveaway.


Thomas D said...

I get spam that says "A background check was ran on you" and another gem with a grammatical howler that I can't remember right now. I also get a lot of Arabic-language spam, and one whose ostensible sender is "whitelove." No comment on that last one, please!

TS said...

I've gotten those background check emails too, which is especially funny on my incognito email addresses!